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Dance Video

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Background Information
This lovely dance was choreographed by Gadi Bitton in 2002 to the music by Izhar Ashdot and lyrics by Yankele Rotblit. The song was used for a successful television series HaBurganim and was a hit during the period of the Second Intifada when there were many terrorist attacks

The candle’s light blends with the moonlight Your hair is spread across the pillow
At the top window, a tree blossoms And the silence has returned Ones sees according to one’s smile

The storm was here, now it’s passed And your face is again calm like the sea
With the light, we’ll continue to go further The road is still long The journey is not yet over

It’s not easy, our path is not easy And your eyes sometimes are so sad
More blossoming fields are before us More high mountains With cool summits

Fragments of light are in your tears And a smile again gropes its way towards me
All the good is still before you Put your head on my shoulder Put your hand in mine

Very soon the candle will finish dying out Very soon the blessed quiet will be routed
The commotion of the day will begin to break through
You won’t walk alone I’ll be there with you